Monday, May 25, 2009

Santolina Lemon Fizz

Wow, how quickly 5 months flies by. Well its due time for another post on a great new plant. We introduced a golden leaved Santolina this year named 'Lemon Fizz'. This plant continues to impress me every time I see it in containers and the landscape. It is very flat growing and golden in full sun. In the shade it's chartreuse and more lush in its growth habit. This is a virens type of Santolina, it has small thread like leaves that are very fragrant like other Santolinas. Growers are trying this variety this season, I would expect to see this plant showing up in retail garden centers this summer.  The top photo is full sun, and the bottom part shade. 

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Janet said...

Looks interesting --I have been looking for a small variety of something yellow, evergreen for a paired foundation planting. Will investigate further.