Monday, April 21, 2008

Weigela 'Cappuccino' (Verweig2)

Weigela 'Cappuccino' is another variety from the breeder of 'Minor Black'. It is a novelty variety with chartreuse new growth that turns bronze yellow in summer. 'Cappuccino' has pink flowers that make for a interesting combination with its foliage color.
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Weigela 'My Monet' (Verweig) PP# 16824

'My Monet' is from the same breeder as 'Minor Black' it is notable for its variegated foliage of cream, green and pink. The variegation with it's pink flowers makes for a striking combination. 'My Monet' should be available from nurseries that sell the Proven Winners 'Color Choice' line of shrubs.
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Weigela 'Minor Black' (Verweig3)

Weigelas are deciduous group of flowering shrubs that bloom in early spring. They are notable for their masses of flowers that are generally white to deep pink. New dark foliage and variegated forms continue to hit the market. Minor Black is a very compact dark leaved selection that blooms in early April and continues to flower into summer.

'Minor Black',

'Midnight Wine',

'French Lace',


Saturday, April 5, 2008

Agave Kara's Stripes

This is a new Agave attenuata selection from Gary Gragg of Golden Gate Palms and Exotics
The fist plant was discovered as a sport at his home garden in 1994.
I received my first plants as part of the patent trialing process. Tissue culture plants are now making their way into nurseries and soon into gardens. A few nurseries are already carrying plants, but supply is still limited. Check out the full story of Kara's Stripes on Gary's website.
Other nurseries offering Kara's Stripes are:
San Marcos Growers

Plant Delights Nursery