Monday, May 25, 2009

Penstemon Red Riding Hood

I thought I would make a few posts to make up lost time.  The trial garden in Corralitos is looking great.  Penstemon Red Riding Hood has been in peak flower for about a month now. This variety came back with us from Holland a few years ago and it has started to really catch on. Red Riding Hood is a barbatus type with basil branching and thick glossy leaves. This variety is very floriferous and has stiff stems with watermelon red flowers. This variety is nice compact for a penstemon and flowers about 18" tall.  Hardier than most Penstemons, Red Riding Hood is rated down to USDA 5, this variety is also drought tolerant and is at home in Mediterranean gardens. 


tina said...

Thanks for the info. I just purchased one and really enjoy reading blog posts on new plants.

Patti said...

I just got a shipment of 3 trays of 3 different colors of this from my broker to trial. I'm excited about them for their hardiness, compact size, drought-tolerance, and their long bloom time. Can't wait to get them out to my customers.

Candy said...

Recently bought one in a pot from Home Depot. It had quite a few flowers and was looking great sitting on the deck awaiting planting. Now that it's in the ground it lost all flowers. Still looks alive and well but no blooms or signs of any coming. It's planted in a part sun/part shade location just near where it was sitting on the deck. Been watering it daily to help it get established. Does anyone know if dropping it blooms is to be expected while it gets established in the ground? Any suggestions?