Sunday, January 27, 2008

Plant Hunting in England

The great part of being involved in New Plants for a commercial business is that you get to travel to great places to find new products. This is my 3rd trip to England, and my 2nd for plant hunting specifically. England is the Horticulture Mecca, great little nurseries cover the country, all with new varieties tucked in the back greenhouse. Sports, seedlings, active breeding programs are what we encounter on our trips. My last trip in November took me about 600 round trip miles from London to Wales, and a short plane trip to Cornwall. Cornwall was great, it has a mild climate similar to the Central Coast of California were I live and work. With this climate growers and gardeners have embraced Mediterranean plants as the foundation for their gardens. Cordyline australis can be found in almost every yard, and has received the common name of 'Torbay Palm', named after the town of Torbay in county Devon. Here are some highlight pictures from the trip.


charley said...

Great photos! I love the sheep. Also, where can I buy the Electric Pink Cordyline?

GardenChamp said...

I also like the Electric Pink Cordyline, and was in my back yard just last night watering my Cordeline Australis.

I am still waiting on the Abelia Kaleidoscope that you said would be hitting the markets this year. I have the perfect place for it on my side yard next to the dasypus novemcinctus.

Only downfall is that I need to find a spot for it with the right amount of sunlight while at the same time keeping in mind that it needs to be out of reach for my canis familiaris.

PerennialBlogger said...

Garden Champ. Im so impressed you have a Dasypus novemcintus, they are very rare in Northern California, much more common in the Arid Southwest. Look for Abelia Kaleidoscope in private garden centers this spring. Terra Sole Nurseries in Watsonville will probably have some, they grow many unique plants.

Charley, they are a good bet for the Cordyline as well. I heard they will be open this spring, call for an appointment.

Jonathan said...

I don't know what you are all talking about, but I hope those britts are better at growing perennials than they are at making cars.