Friday, February 1, 2008

Cordyline 'Renegade'

Here is another new Cordyline. 'Renegade' is a clumping form with very wide black glossy leaves.
'Renegade' also gets very fragrant flowers in Spring and Summer. This variety, with its great black foliage will make a dramatic statement in containers with gold leaved plants like Heuchera.
Look for it in 2009. -Hardy Zone 8


Daxin said...

The image link seems to be broken. Could you please repost the picture? I got one Electric Pink from Monterey Bay Nursery and I really like its color. There is another Australian cultivar called Pink Sensation that's similar to Red Sensation in leaf shape but with hot pink colors. Do you have plan to bring that one to market?

PerennialBlogger said...

I fixed the picture and added one.
The photo of plant next to the metal wall is a from the breeder in NZ. The plant with the gold Heuchera 'Tiramisu' and Ceanothus 'Diamond Heights' is at the nursery were I work. Regarding 'Pink Sensation' I am aware of this variety, it is possible we may get some in the future. 'Electric Pink' is just the beginning of exciting new variegated pink Cordylines. I will keep posting pics as more come across my way. -Ryan

Daxin said...

These photos look great. I can not wait to try it out. I was at Monterey Bay Nursery yesterday and they almost sold out all of their Cordyline Electric Pink in 2g, even though the wholesale price is something like $25, easily twice more expensive than regular stuff. Talking about plants from that part of the world, I have been looking for two nice ones that your company may be able to help bring to market:

1) Acacia cognata 'Green Mist' is a drought tolerant compact shrub that is like a cross between Mexican Weeping Bamboo and Lace-leaf Japanese Maple. It should be a great landscape plant for California and a wonderful container plant everywhere.

2) Xeronema callistemon, or Poor Knight's Lily has iris-like leaves and wild red flowers that look like giant toothbrushes. It is an ultimate designer plant and is getting popular in its native New Zealand. Nurseries do not grow this plant maybe because it is slow from seeds and slow to devide, but this one should be able to fetch a great price to justify its long production cycle.

PerennialBlogger said...

The guys at Monterey Bay definitely have good stuff. I am familiar with the Acacia, I have tried to get one called 'Limelight'. Unfortunately you cannot import Acacias direct to the states from Australia and New Zealand. The Xeronema looks very cool. It sure does have that architectural look that is so popular. Thanks for the tips. -Ryan

Daxin said...

I have read about Limelight, which is even more compact than Green Mist. There is also another new cultivar called Bower Beauty with bronze new growth. Please bring all of them here if you can.

Sean O'Hara (Calif-Nor) said...

Thanks for the nice images of this interesting new hybrid. I have a specimen of C. banksii and recognize the potential in it - glad to see so many hybrids out there involving this handsome species and hope to see more of them in CA soon!

BTW, do you know about the Gardening Under Mediterranean Skies symposium coming close to you (Monterey) in October?

The Munsters said...

Hi there! Would it be okay to use one of your Cordyline 'Renegade' photos for a nonprofit plant sale in St. Paul, MN? All proceeds are donated to a local school. We'd gladly credit your blog!