Saturday, March 15, 2008

Sorbaria sorbifolia 'Sem'
This is a great new cultivar from the traditional Sorbaria or 'False Spirea'.
Sorbaria sorbifolia is native to Asia and is Hardy to Zone 2. 'Sem' is a dwarf selection
with deep pink and gold new growth. Sorbaria 'Sem' is deciduous and grows to about 3' x 3'
'Sem' also gets white spirea like flowers in summer. This plant looks great in containers and planted in mass.
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mtgardener said...

I bought several of these to plant in a small area between an old garage and a concrete path. I was told by another gardener that she loved her ash leaf spirea but it was terribly invasive and that mine would be coming up "everywhere"! Now I'm afraid I've made a mistake. On the positive side, my plants are "sems" while hers were not. Do you think mine will be better behaved and less invasive?

PerennialBlogger said...

Thats a good question. I am not sure on how aggressive it is. All of my plants are still in pots.
I have seen the species in Montana growing as a large hedge. Sorbaria is related to Spirea, and it looks like it sends up suckers, these can be cut off with a shovel to keep the plant restrained. 'Sem' is much more compact than the species so I hope its natural habit works well for the spot you planted them in.

D said...

to mtgardener:

How did this plant work out for you? Is it invasive?