Friday, May 25, 2007

Window Boxes - Terra Sole Nurseries

I just wanted to show everyone how great these window boxes are. These are growing at Terra Sole Nursery in Watsonville. Perennials can give great texture and contrast. -RH

Copyright Ryan Hall 2007


majuscule said...

I have a couple of questions about the wonderful window boxes. I recognize heuchera and ferns but what are the plants that are cascading down? One appears to have a yellow blossom.

Do you know what they fertilize with and what kind of soil is in the windowboxes? How often they are watered? I am also in California and have a lot of trouble growing that many plants in that kind of container! I have had some success using those polymer (or whatever) crystals to help retain the moisture.

PerennialBlogger said...

Thanks Majuscule.
The trailing plants are a selection of perennial Lysmachia. I believe the variety is 'Persian Chocolate' It has green leaves with dark veining and small yellow flowers. The soil is a traditional potting soil, the polymer crystals do help. The Boxes are on automatic dippers. They are watered a few times a week. Thanks again for the comment.-Ryan